The Immaculate Heart of Mary Athletic Association (IHMAA) is a Board comprised of IHM School Faculty and interested Parents. The mission of the committee/board is to continue to provide a selection of athletic based activities and sporting events for interested boys and girls. The board is comprised of a President, Vice President, School Liaison, Treasurer and Secretary. Other constituents involved in the on-going planning are coordinators for the school's sponsored athletic teams. Team coordinators are responsible to staff the school's teams with age appropriate coaches and coordinate the practice times and game times for each team.

Many coordinators attend league meetings and ensure that any/all coaches are VIRTUS trained with the Archdiocese. IHMAA depends on heavy parental involvement, IHM administrative support and most of all your (parent) involvement whether it be your time, treasure and talent, all of which are greatly appreciated.

The IHMAA also annually recognizes exceptional participation of 8th grade boys and girls, who have given the most of themselves during their time spent at IHM through an IHMAA based scholarship/recognition program.


Fundraising is done in the form of two events (Fall & Spring) through a corn-toss tournament. Monies raised are conscripted toward future purchase of uniforms, payment of league/event admin costs and payments for various officials.